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I would like to share with you today that why I went back to Melbourne, Australia. Let me introduce myself first, I came to Melbourne to study when I was 14 years old, I was an international student, and then I applied for migration, so I’m an Australian citizen.

The reason why my parents send me to Melbourne is straightforward because I used to sick a lot; what comes after each meal wasn’t a dessert, but medicine. Because I had asthma and I was sick all the time, which I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t run or have ice cream like other kids, not even ice water; I could only drink warm water. I used to study late during the night plus I had asthma, my parents were so worried about my health, and when they heard that the air and the environment in Melbourne are perfect, so they decided to let my brother, sister and me come to Australia.

But what they don’t know is that although the air is so fresh and the environment is so good, but they’re still a lot of people who have asthma and hay fever. I stayed in Australia for ten years, which was lucky enough that I didn’t have hay fever; however, it wasn’t so fortunate for my sister, which she eventually got hay fever. I went back to Taiwan straight after I graduated from university, whereas my sister didn’t go back to Taiwan, but decided to live in Melbourne and became an Aussie.

The Reason Why We Moved to Australia

You must be wondering why I choose to come back to Australian when my husband and my parents are all in Taiwan, well…it’s very different when having one kid and two kids both mentally and physically, when you have two kids, everything is doubled. I never thought that I would be considering going back to Australia before my second child was born. I like Taiwan and the pace of life; I love my job, and I love myself as a person who works so hard at work.

But it all changed when I was pregnant with my second child. I applied for parental leave for two years, I tried to find my value during these two years, and I thought a lot about my future as well. I used to be happy and loved to work. Still, I became a stay home mother who needs to breastfeeding all the time and prepared three meals every day, and it took me six months to adapt and realized this will be my life from now on, which means I spent six months thinking of how to get rid of my second child and to go back to work. The contradiction here is that I want to work. Still, I don’t feel safe to let others look after my kids, on the other hand, I think I should be the one who looks after my kids, and I don’t want to be absent during their growth, so I decided to become a stay home mom for my second child for at least two years. (where I looked after my first child for two years, so it’s should be the same for my second child, what I called “equality”🤣.)

Remembering the time when my first child was in kindergarten, my mother was the one who picks up my son from kindergarten, my husband and I were busying work overtime, I was so lucky to have my mother to look after my son. But what about our future? I can’t let my mother look after my two kids; how much time do I have to be with my kids in their lives?

And this is the time I recalled when I studied in Australia. Therefore, I discussed with my husband about moving back to Melbourne. Then, here we go, we move to Australia!

Why do I want to be an Organizer?

We live in my parents’ house after we moved to Melbourne, the house is a bit old, and there was clutter that was unorganized for like 20 years, no one lives here, and no one is organizing the home, plus the things, luggage, boxes from Taiwan. It was overwhelming.

When I started to organizing, organizing and organizing, I still couldn’t put my whole clothes into my closet, the closet I had in Taiwan was like six times larger than the one I have now. And the size of the furniture is too large to blend in with the house; the bed frame was too big to fit in the bedroom; it seems so crowded. So when I was worrying and trying to find out the solution, that’s the time when I found out “Professional Organizer”, that’s the first time I know this word and career.

Therefore, I bought a lot of books related to organizing and also a book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” written by Marie Kondo. So it wasn’t until I read her work that I realized the true meaning of organizing, therefore, I started to organize by using Konmari method, I thought I would be frustrated, but it turns out that I felt great relief and joy. Finally, my clothes can fit in my closet perfectly.

After that, I started to organize my shoes, books, etc. I found out that I’m a big fan of “organizing”. I love organizing! My sister was influenced and asked me about how to organize her house, even asking me to go to her place help.

As a result of that, I started to think if I turn my passion for organizing into my career, what would happen? I started searching for information online and started to think about how to start a business.

So how I started my business as a professional organizer?

To be continued...

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